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  • FRASCOLD Z 25-106 Y compressor Semi-tight piston compressor
FRASCOLD Z 25-106 Y compressor Semi-tight piston compressor
  • FRASCOLD Z 25-106 Y compressor Semi-tight piston compressor

FRASCOLD Z 25-106 Y compressor Semi-tight piston compressor

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Country of manufacture:Italy

Experience, quality, continuous search of new and best decisions is a short characteristic of Frascold firm which continuously for more than 70 years is very famous and dear producer of compressors and refrigerating units. One of leaders of branch who is constantly developing and expanding production range. The firm makes the equipment in northern part of Italy, in Reskaldin's district, at factories which area makes more than 30.000 m ².

Completely automated production lines of compressors where tsiforovy technologies operate robots and the vehicles, produce accessories with a perfect accuracy, practically excepting human mistakes that significantly reduces quantity of the rejected products.

Production of Frascold has testimonies of quality, and that especially is appreciated and admits many key producers of refrigerating appliances — quality it is confirmed with the corresponding certificates. Ratios of the prices of the equipment Frascolda to their quality, puts firm to the place of the indisputable leader of this branch.

Piston (one - and two-level) and screw semi-hermetic compressors of average and big power which are widely used both in refrigerating branch, and in conditioning, for example, at the central conditioning, units of ice water, freezers, freezing tunnels, etc.

Characteristic of a series

  1. Models from a series with 6 - cylinders
  2. Capacity of the cylinder is from 106,16 m ³/h to 154,38 m ³/h
  3. Refrigerating capacity from 59,54 kW to 85,7 kW (at te=-10 ºC, tc=40 ºC, R404A/R507) Œ model the certified ASERCOM
  4. Engine capacity is from 18,5 kW to 37 kW
  5. Are filled with synthetic (Y) or oil mineral (on demand)
  6. Greasing by means of the pump

Standard complete set:

  1. Locking valves on the soaking-up and delivery pipes
  2. Additional nests of pressure
  3. Rubber washers against vibration
  4. Shock-absorbers rubber
  5. Additional equipment
  6. Electronic relay of pressure of oil
  7. Forcing temperature sensor

Additional equipment

  1. Regulation of refrigerating capacity of 33% or 33-66% (second level)
  2. The cooling fan
  3. Mechanical or electronic relay of pressure of oil
  4. Mechanical relay of pressure of oil
  5. Injection of the liquid refrigerating agent
  6. Engine case heater


  1. High and average temperatures

    (R22 from 12,5 ºC to-20 ºC or from 0 ºC to-40 ºC)

    (R134a from 12,5 ºC to-20 ºC)

    (R404A/R507 7,5 ºC to-30 ºC or-5 ºC to-45 ºC)

    (R407C from 12,5 ºC to-25 ºC)

Country of manufacture: Italy
Information is up-to-date: 18.11.2017

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